Smart Tickets Counterfeit Policy

At Smart Tickets, we prioritize the trust and satisfaction of our customers. We strive to ensure that all merchandise sold by our event organizers on our platforms,, is authentic and of high quality.  Counterfeit products including those that have been illegally replicated, reproduced, or manufactured, are strictly prohibited.  It is the responsibility of the event organizer to source and sell only genuine products on our platform.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for counterfeiting, and any instances of counterfeit products will be treated with utmost severity throughout the product life cycle. These instances include but are not limited to: 

1. Identification during product page creation

If our content team identifies a product as counterfeit during the creation of the product page, it will immediately be delisted from our website.

2. Customer Complaints

If a customer receives a counterfeit product and reports it to us, we will take immediate action by delisting the concerned product, investigating the matter, and applying the necessary penalties.

3. After-sales returns

During the process of checking returned products, our after-sales team will identify counterfeit items. Such products will be delisted, and penalties will be imposed.

Counterfeit Penalties:

We impose strict penalties for counterfeit products to maintain the integrity of our platform and protect the interests of our customers. The counterfeit penalties are as follows:

Counterfeit and Used Products: Ksh 20,000

Quality Check Fails upon return: Kshs 10,000

These penalties serve as a warning to event organizers engaging in counterfeiting practices. If an event organizer is caught a second time, attempting to list and sell a counterfeit product, their shop will be permanently delisted from, and they will no longer be able to sell through our platform.

Tips to Avoid Penalties

To ensure compliance with our counterfeit policy, and avoid penalties, we recommend the following guidelines for event organizers

  1. Seek authorized distributors: Source your merchandise from authorized distributors to guarantee the authenticity of the products.

  2. Respect brand restrictions: Do not list exclusive brands that you have not been authorized to sell. Refer to the list of banned and restricted brands provided by Smart Tickets.

  3. Avoid altered brand names: Do not list brands with altered spellings or logos that are not manufactured by the said brand.  Use accurate and legitimate brand names and logos.

  4. Appropriate categorization: List products in their relevant categories and refrain from misrepresenting them to deceive our agents of customers.

  5. Authentic product pages: Do not create authentic product pages and then deliver counterfeit items to the customer.

  6. Transparency in Free items:  Do not offer counterfeit products as free items, as the same penalties will apply.

For any doubts regarding the authenticity of a product or for clarification on our counterfeit policy, please reach out to us through the contact form. We are here to assist you and ensure a genuine and trustworthy marketplace for our customers. 

We appreciate your cooperation in upholding our counterfeit policy and maintaining the reputation of Smart Tickets as a reliable e-ticketing platform.