Soul Meets Amapiano

Leleshwa Getaway

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Leleshwa Getaway

Imagine a cork squeaking (or a scew-top sel crackling). Listen to the wine pouring into your glass. Hear the musical clang of the toast that means you're about to take your first glorious sip.

Join us for a day of wine discovery at Leleshwa Getaway in Rongai, on Saturday 29th July from 2pm till late. 

Sip and savor with friends over 30 wines as DJ Njogu samples Soul and Amapiano sets.  

Build on your wine knowledge in the immersive sensory experience that is drinking wine while drinking in the views of the Nairobi National Park

Sip and savor with friends

Date & Time
July 29, 2023
Start - 2:00 PM
July 30, 2023
End - 4:00 AM Africa/Nairobi

Leleshwa Getaway

Leleshwa Getaway
--Leleshwa Getaway--
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